13th November – WORLD KINDNESS DAY

13th November – WORLD KINDNESS DAY

Gentle words are short and easy to say, but their echo is eternal, Mother Teresa

A practice of attention and good manners that makes us and others better

The World Kindness Day was born in Japan thanks to the Japan Small Kindness Movement, founded in Tokyo in 1988 to promote attention and respect for others, the courtesy of small gestures, patience, care, listening to the needs of others without forgetting one’s own.

We often confuse kindness with courtesy. In reality the two words have common meanings and important distinctions.

Courtesy is that friendly way of putting others at ease, of being a good guest, of meeting the favours of our interlocutor. On the other hand, the word derives from court and makes explicit reference to that set of social rules of good living.

Kindness, on the other hand, refers to a nobility of soul both inherited and cultivated: it is a way of expressing oneself but, above all, it is a way of cultivating certain feelings and certain qualities. So the practice of kindness is precisely the act of this cultivation.

If there is a land where kindness can be cultivated this is undoubtedly the heart. It is there, in fact, where feelings and emotions are born. Our heart, however, is not always clear: just as a vegetable garden can be invaded by weeds or occupied by a few feelings. Like any land, in order to prepare for cultivation, it must be worked.

So the first action, to cultivate kindness, is to look with sincere depth, at what occupies our heart. See what the soil of the heart is like and what plants live in it. To see, especially if it is large or welcoming or closed and dried out.