We stand united with the people for the future of Myanmar

We stand united with the people for the future of Myanmar

The coup d'état of 1 February halts the country's development, but also the missionary and social activities of the Good Shepherd Sisters, who care for girls, the elderly and the sick. The military dictatorship increased poverty. The decision by the nuns to stand by the population in demonstrations: in the name of the Church's social doctrine and Pope Francis' Laudato si'.

From the account of Sr Rebecca Ray, Provincial of the Asia-East Unit

“The Good Shepherd Sisters are one of the many religious institutes that support the demonstrations that fill the streets of Myanmar cities: in Mandalay, in Myitkyina (Kachin), in Yangon, in Taunggyi”.

“In the last 10 years, for better or for worse, we have begun to enjoy freedom, we have been able to meet the world and our country has seen the future and light grow. We don’t want to go back to the era of darkness, living in fear and oppression. Life under the dictatorship was terrible, in fear in front of pointed weapons, in confrontations”.


“Prayer is not enough. I believe in prayer and work, and both are the most effective way to sustain our country. In the community we have continuous adoration, day and night; the rosary every day and the breviary. We say the rosary together with the people who work with us or with the guests of the clinic for the poor that we run. In Myanmar last year, because of Covid, so much poverty emerged”.

“As citizens, we stand with our people and for our mission to the poor and needy, women, girls, children, the most vulnerable”.

“It is unbearable to see our people suffering, lose hope, be overwhelmed by fear. We want all the people of Myanmar, all religions, races and ethnic groups to enjoy equal rights and democracy.”