Women’s hopes evaporate in Afghanistan: abuse forced marriages and suppression of human rights

After 20 years of a terrible and useless war – triggered by the USA following the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 – the Taliban have recaptured Kabul and most of Afghanistan. And life has changed in an instant: ‘They come to get us house to house, they have the list of targets’. There is growing fear for the fate of women who risk being the first victims of the new regime that bases civil coexistence on Sharia law. Taliban means “students” in the Pashtu language: they are armed Islamic fundamentalists who grew in strength as a militarily organised group during the resistance against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s.

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Having emerged victorious from the civil war, in the mid-1990s they established a theocratic regime based on an extremist interpretation of Islam and the application of Koranic law. Under their control, women were subjected to a regime of segregation and violence: they were not allowed to work outside the home, except for some doctors and nurses, they had to be accompanied by a male relative, they had to wear the burqa, a full veil that covers the face, to leave the house. In 2001, the Taliban regime was overthrown by American military intervention.


“All around, men shouting:
Go and put on your burqa.
These are your last days on the streets.
One of these days I will marry four of you.”

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“A 24-year-old university student sent her testimony to the Guardian: “It feels like I have to burn everything I have achieved in 24 years. The public transport drivers would not let us get on to go home: they did not want to take the responsibility of transporting a woman. A journalist said that the Taliban “forced families to hand over girls for their soldiers”. If not now when: “Don’t make deals where women’s rights become a bargaining chip.” (Il Fatto quotidiano 08/16/ 2021)

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“I am worried about women and minorities”

“We watched in complete shock as the Taliban take control of Afghanistan. I am deeply worried for women, minorities and human rights advocates. Global, regional and local powers must call for an immediate ceasefire, provide urgent humanitarian aid and protect refugees and civilians.”.

(This was stated in a tweet by Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani activist and blogger and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for her commitment to civil rights and the right to education) HuffPost 15/08/2021-.

“Social and humanitarian activities suspended”

Unfortunately, the news coming out of Afghanistan and especially Kabul is very negative. The city is in chaos and practically only repatriations are taking place, so all the charitable activities that were taking place before are temporarily suspended.”
(Father Sanavio, Rogationist of the Heart of Jesus)

“After the entry of fundamentalist militias into Kabul, the lines of the announced Islamic Emirate can already be glimpsed, while foreigners and Afghans who succeed are leaving the country. The Rogationist Father, president of “PBK – Pro Children of Kabul”: it is necessary to find a channel of dialogue with the new power, solidarity cannot stop especially in pandemics”. (Vatican News 08/16 2021)


“Finding solutions at the dialogue table”