Young people at Domus Nostra express their talents

Young people at Domus Nostra express their talents

An intense summer workshop to grow in truth and beauty, to cooperate in joy and to get involved by valuing each other

“The truth sets you free”

John (8, 32)

The “LIBERATED DREAMS” workshop for children aged between 8 and 15 years old involved 7 meetings during which they developed a creative process. The group, accompanied by the educators in charge of the workshop, managed to produce a collective work in which the work of each person was valued and experienced as necessary for the common objectives:

  • Facilitate expression, communication and creative confrontation
  • To develop trust and mutual respect
  • To stimulate the imaginative process
  • To focus energies and thoughts on the present
  • Valuing mutual differences in order to achieve the common good.

"The universe is not just a jungle or a bundle of wild forces.
It is fundamentally infinite creativity. And this infinite creativity
binds us all together. We are all bound to each other
by the responsibility for things”.

J. Moreno, 1920