World Democracy Day

World Democracy Day

To build a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable world
with full respect for human rights

Democracy is both a process and a goal. Only with the full participation (active citizenship) and support of the international community, national governing bodies, civil society, families and individuals can the ideal of democracy be turned into a reality.

On this day, it is important to remember that democracy is a political system that is both changeable and vulnerable, always at risk of anti-democratic tendencies, especially in times of crisis when injustice and inequality are most evident and the logic of profit, efficiency and individualism prevail… or fundamentalism… just as is happening in Afghanistan, but not only there.

"There is no democracy with hunger, no development with poverty, and no justice in inequality."

(Pope Francis at the Pan-American Summit on "Social Rights and Franciscan Doctrine", 4 June 2019).

Today we are called to translate this principle by activating a system of connections between families, civil society and the democratic state: three interdependent spheres. There can be no civil society without the active support and encouragement of the democratic state.  Nor can democratic politics renew itself without the support and control of civil society associations. Neither sphere can flourish unless it firmly roots its ideas in families that aspire to be ‘true schools of liberty and its virtues’ (J.S. Mill)

Let us move from a perspective that looks at a democracy that lives also thanks to the contribution made by civil society, organised in a democratic way to be able to guarantee and protect fundamental freedoms and rights.