Towards the new unity of Italy-Malta-Portugal-Spain

Towards the new unity of Italy-Malta-Portugal-Spain

First Sisters/Laity meeting on the Strategic Plan 2021-2025 to share the path imagined by the Unification Mission Commission to give continuity to the Charism and sustainability to the Mission.

"Love and justice unite us to one another and to the hole mission."
St Mary Euphrasia

Prayer of intercession to Jesus the Good Shepherd to accompany the journey
(proposed by the Unification Biblical-Theological Commission)


Jesus the Good Shepherd makes our lives manifest God's love.
Not power, but consistency. Not words, but prayer.
Not declarations, but service. We do not need to be rich, but to love the poor.
We do not want to gain for our own benefit, but to spend ourselves for others.
We do not need the approval of the world, but the joy of your Kingdom.
Not very effective projects, but to be shepherds who give their lives for the love of God.
May all our sisters and partners in mission, lay people, family members, those we have served and those who have gone before us, protect us and encourage us to follow the impulse that the Holy Spirit instilled in María Euphrasia, John Eudes and María Droste.
María Eufrasia told us that if we are united we can work miracles: help us to realise our desires for unity and to build tunnels in the walls we find.
Our Lady of Charity, first disciple and mother of the ecclesial community, teach us to be authentic, open communities, who keep the Word in their hearts and go out to meet others to sing our magnificat, especially among those to whom we are sent.
Jesus, good shepherd, who promised to be with us, help us to participate in building the Kingdom in our world.