With the ear of the heart we stop the war

With the ear of the heart we stop the war

Photo: Avvenire

“We all have ears, but many times even those with perfect hearing cannot hear the other.”
“Pay attention therefore to how you listen” (Lk 8:18)
“The human being […] has a boundless desire to be heard”.
“To overcome prejudices about migrants and melt the hardness of our hearts, we should try to listen to their stories. Give each of them a name and a story.”
“Listening to several voices, listening to each other, even in the Church, among brothers and sisters, allows us to exercise the art of discernment, which always appears as the ability to orient oneself in a symphony of voices.”

FOTO: aibi.it

“Ascoltate! Ma per poter ascoltare ci vuole coraggio e un cuore senza pregiudizi”

“Listen! But listening takes courage and an unprejudiced heart”.

…and in continuity with the message of the 54th World Day 2020…

“We need patience and discernment to rediscover stories that help us not to lose the thread among the many lacerations of today; stories that bring to light the truth of who we are, even in the ignored heroics of everyday life” (Source: Avvenire).

For further reading, we recommend the annotated edition of the Message for World Communications Day in which ‘Pope Francis, making the category of the Duologue (coined by the American philosopher David Kaplan) his own, as an example of incomprehension in dialogue between people, here inaugurates a theology of listening’.