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Lay Mission Partners

Given the progressive diminishing in numbers of consecrated life recorded in the last fifty years throughout Europe, Sisters have gradually updated and developed different forms of collaboration with lay people, modelled on those experienced since the beginning by our Founders St John Eudes and St Mary Euphrasia.

Lay Mission Partners

Today all the partners involved in the Italian and Maltese territory are inspired in their actions by the spiritual heritage of the Founders with different roles and within their networks. Collaborators, Volunteers, Friends, Companions and Associates share a passion for the mission particularly in favour, of Italian and foreign women, children, girls exposed to old and new forms of injustice and vulnerability.

Lay Mission Partners

The practice of co-responsibility for the future of the charism and the Mission becomes an opportunity for deeper belonging and mutual support in personal, professional and community life. In this way we bring together, also operatively, talents, values and passion for the life of the Italia Malta Unit and the Good Shepherd Mission in an ever-changing world.

Sisters and lay people, through connections, mutual support, forms of coordination and new projects, starting from individual calls, continue to appreciate everyday things within broader horizons: in this way they are strengthened in their own specific vocations, along paths of growth in humanity, promoting experiences of goodness, dignity and mutual respect.

( For further information, see: Finding the way back to co-responsibility in partnerships between sisters and lay people) 

“Leadership will be spiritual or it won’t be” 

(Father P. Pinto at the 30th General Chapter)