Memorial and Welcoming Day
to remember the 368 victims of the shipwreck of October 3, 2013

The initiative #siamosullastessabarca (we are on the same boat) is the campaign of the Committee 3 October born on the occasion of the sixth Day of Remembrance and Reception. This year will bring to Lampedusa more than 60 schools from about 20 countries of the European Union.

On March 16, 2016 the Italian Senate approved the proposed law of the Committee of October 3 for the establishment of the “Day of Memory and Reception”, aimed at creating a memory and a culture of information and reception.

The initiative was created to fill the void and ethical bewilderment with the active participation of public opinion and, in particular, of the new generations in order to stimulate them to become the engine of lasting change through dialogue and sharing with others.

The commemoration and awareness raising activities also include the direct participation of refugees, survivors and relatives of the victims of the shipwreck of October 3, 2013 and other massacres in the sea.

A ECUMENIC COMMEMORATION HAS BEEN PROMOTED by the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy, present on the island just after that tragedy, with the operators of its migrants and refugees program, Mediterranean Hope, and the parish of San Gerlando di Lampedusa.

All lives matter, tutte le vite contano. Questo il titolo scelto quest’anno per la commemorazione ecumenica: “Vogliamo riprendere e ricordare anche quanto è successo negli ultimi mesi negli Stati Uniti, con il movimento Black lives matter, ricordare che le morti avvengono anche ogni giorno nel Mediterraneo, e connettere tutte queste lotte per i diritti delle persone.

"When I opened those sacks, with 368 corpses, the thing that impressed me and that will remain with me for the rest of my life, is to have seen in those sacks so many children dressed up: with pigtails, with little clothes, with slippers. The mothers had prepared them to say: "Our children are like yours".