The Challenges of the Strategic Plan From challenges to operating actions 2018-2020

The Strategic Plan suggests the right time to turn into action our responsibility to contribute to the development of humanity, a personal and collective responsibility, to participate in the commitment of the Congregation expressed in the Positions of the Congregation that are most in line with the Mission of the IM Unit, those related to the phenomena of Migration, Trafficking, Gender Violence, Economic Justice: a little remnant can do wonders.

“To help overcome the divisions and inequalities in which most people live, we have a responsibility to develop in ourselves and in our society an interest in justice across the world. This concern prompts us to periodically review our attitudes, our apostolates, our use of goods, and the way we establish our relationships. Our testimony for justice demands discernment in the light of the directives of the Church and in the context of our charism.”

Constitutions, S 9.3