Mission Our Mission


What would our Holy Mother be, what would she do today? She would be neither extremely progressive or unthinking nor a tenacious or conservative traditionalist. She would go forward quietly, adapting with intelligence. She would take today’s world as it is, with open arms and an open heart, without sterile regrets of the past. Certainly, “she would not talk about problems indefinitely, but by intensifying her prayer and faith, she would instead seek the solutions, behaviors and words that enable us to announce Christ to all youth, as they are.” She would strive again to encourage them to find or to revive self-respect and trust in God… She would listen to these young people who are so complicated, she would pay great attention to their direct and indirect questions (see Dalla Nostra Santa Madre a noi l’essenziale non cambia [From our Holy Mother to us the essential does not change, N.d.T.], Conferences, Angers, 1972)

The Church entrusts us with a part of her mission of reconciliation. This requires us to be aware that we ourselves need continual conversion.

(Constitutions 4)