The Challenges of the Strategic Plan Epochal emergencies

TITLE: Vicious circles of epochal emergencies – Strategic Plan Document p. 33

Globalization has betrayed its promise of well-being and the unification of humanity: poverty, injustice, precariousness, conflicts, and inability to cooperate heavily mark the destiny of people.

The world built by the globalization of capitalism is not only a world of uprooted people, it tends to be also a world of redundancy, that is, of superfluous beings that only have to be thrown away. Refugees, the displaced, asylum seekers, migrants, the sans papiers, they are the waste of globalization (Z. Bauman).

To these must be added a large part of the new generations who not only see no future, but are already besieged in the present by the effects of the responsibility crisis of adults, the lack of recognition, the general atmosphere of precariousness.

In the time of globalization, the condition of the human being no longer corresponds only to mere social marginality, which was once the object of exclusion, persecution or forced reclusion in “total institutions” (prisons, asylums). Today we are faced with an existential situation in which one is completely redundant and undesirable because others live better without us.

In a world of uprooted people where many are redundant or risk to suddenly become so, the most contagious feelings are anger, depression, distrust, fear, anxiety.