The Challenges of the Strategic Plan Setting life in motion again

Why did we decide to set out again on a Strategic Plan:
the gift of the Spirit to revitalise the Italia Malta Unit?

We recognized in the Declaration of the 30th General Chapter a movement of the Spirit aimed at relaunching the Mission in order to “respond more urgently to the cry of our wounded world”. This Gift keeps surprising us for the Power of Life it instills in our Unit. To us the Strategic Plan is proving to be an extraordinary opportunity to regenerate spiritual, mental and physical energies, as well as the Communities and governing structures of our IM Unit, also in view of the future unification with Portugal and Spain.

Fears and concerns linked to the objective fragilities with which we are confronted on a daily basis do not overcome us, in a context of European crisis and in a world vulnerable because of increasing iniquity (Matthew 24:12), which has been shaken by the loss of meaning and values, with the inevitable repercussions on the Church and on our consecrated life itself. Our Strategic Plan commits us to make possible a future of mercy, reconciliation, justice and fraternity, according to the style of the Founders, in support of the life potential of communities and apostolates, who are called to do and make people experience good, following Jesus of Nazareth, who went around doing good and healing everyone (see Acts 10:38).

There is a grave responsibility to exercise wise discernment, for the decisions made will be decisive for shaping the world of tomorrow and that of future generations. Thus, if we want a more secure future, one that encourages the prosperity of all, then it is the time to take courageous and bold steps for our beloved planet.

(Pope Francis at the World Economic Forum 2018, Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World.)