From the Unity Council
an invitation to carry out together the final rite of ICA

"It would be nice if each sister or community took one bulb or more seeds, sowed them in a vase and then took care of them, patiently waiting for the seed to sprout, grow, flower... Everything that happens to the seed leads us to reflect on the "Transformation" in our life, on the meaning of the "Radical Transformation" that has been talked about so much at ICA.

We can ask ourselves:

  1. What must we abandon or remodel to bring out the new within us?
  2. What does “Radical Transformation” mean to you and what impact does it have in your life, in your community?

 This is a way to continue the reflection and sharing with the sisters and partners, wherever possible, who have participated in ICA and who can contribute their direct experience”.

(from Sister Angela’s message
to the Sisters and lay partners of the Mission of 18/10/2020)

Realities respond

"There is an angel bending over and whispering: 'Grow up, grow up, grow up'"