Women’s Day

Women’s Day

Dedicated to all women who, in the present and in the past,
have fought for the rights of all

“Women in all civilised countries have chosen a date to celebrate Women’s Day together: 08 March. On this day, every woman puts forward all those demands that she has not yet achieved and whose achievement is indispensable for the development of her personality and the progress of all humanity” (from a 1948 leaflet).

Women’s Day serves to remind us, year after year, of what has been achieved over the centuries by women in every time and place, the milestones they have reached and the leading figures in a process that is still evolving. Each anniversary is also intended to raise public awareness of the issue of gender-based violence and to draw attention to the road still to be travelled to recognise their dignity and their role in building society.

Dedicated to women

Always keep in mind that skin makes wrinkles,
hair turns white,
days turn into years.

But what is important does not change;
Your strength and conviction are ageless.
Your spirit is the glue of any spider's web.

Behind every finishing line there is a starting line.
Behind every success is another disappointment.

As long as you are alive, feel alive.
If you miss what you used to do, go back to it.
Don't live on yellowing photos...
persist even if everyone expects you to quit.

Don't let the iron in you rust.
Make them give you respect instead of pity.

When because of your years
you cannot run, walk fast.
When you cannot walk fast, walk.
When you cannot walk, use your cane.
But never hold back!

Mother Teresa of Calcutta