World Environment Day

World Environment Day

50 years since the Stockholm Declaration on Environmental Rights

Sweden was chosen to host World Environment Day 2022 because of its environmental commitment since the Stockholm Conference in 1972, the first world conference on the environment that led to the creation of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

This organisation promotes sustainable development and encourages the implementation of the environmental agenda, an ambitious action plan to guide environmental conservation.


This year, World Environment Day with the theme #onlyoneearth will focus on environmental concerns, Sweden’s initiatives and global efforts regarding ecosystem conservation.

One of Sweden’s initiatives concerns achieving net zero emissions by 2045, and negative emissions thereafter.

The life of the Planet in the cosmos is not in question, but life on the Planet, that is! Life, especially human life, depends on how human action will affect the preservation of the environment.

Is it possible to move from the exploitation
of the environment to its healing?

Let us not be discouraged about what we have lost, but focus on what we can still save… and by now we almost all know what we can do in our daily lives:
-reduce water use
-reduce waste
-reduce the environmental impact of energy production (trivially, turn off lights when not needed)
-respect for the environment to protect biodiversity: so much deforestation and so many endangered species are causing an imbalance within ecosystems.

We have been trying to do this since 2019 with our #gratiagreta initiative and the list of  DAILY CORRESPONSIBILITY ACTIONS