Women in Afghanistan again imprisoned under the burqa

Women in Afghanistan again imprisoned under the burqa

The lives of Afghan women and girls are increasingly being sacrificed: while the Western world has its eyes on the war that has broken out on Europe’s doorstep, the Taliban government’s Minister for Virtue and Vice Khalid Hanafi has sanctioned new restrictions on the freedom and dignity of women and girls:

 “For all women it will be necessary to wear the hijab. And the best hijab is the chadori (the Afghan expression for what the West calls the burqa.”  (Source: Repubblica)


The burqa is the most constricting traditional Muslim dress, one that covers the entire body, including the head, leaving only a slit or a small window, sometimes veiled, at eye level that allows a view.

There is also provision for imprisonment if the new regulations are violated. The ordinance is one of the strictest concerning women since the extremist group regained power in Kabul. It was only a little over a month ago that girls’ schools were closed. Girls over the age of ten will no longer be allowed to continue their studies.

Photo: twitter.com:PaoloGentiloni

The Afghan minister explained that ‘women who are not too old or too young must cover their faces with the exception of their eyes, in compliance with Sharia guidelines to avoid provocation when meeting with men who are not close relatives’. The decree also says that women who do not have important duties to perform would be better off “staying at home”. (fonte: www.today.it/mondo).

We sorrowfully share the tweet of European Economy Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni: